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Spring Clean Your Workout Routine

Spring brings to mind rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, and resurrection.  According to Wikipedia, “During early spring, the axis of the Earth is increasing its tilt relative to the Sun, and the length of daylight rapidly increases for the relevant hemisphere. The hemisphere begins to warm significantly, causing new plant growth to ‘spring forth,’ giving the season its name.”  This time of year is the perfect time to spring forth with a new exercise routine.

Changing your workout is important to avoid boredom, overcome plateaus, and achieve new levels of fitness. Here are some ideas for giving your workout a much-needed spring facelift.

Take it outside!

Try a boot camp or interval training class outdoors or find a Meetup group for spring hikes, bike rides, or an outdoor yoga class.  Exercising outdoors reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings.

Sign up for an event

There’s nothing like a deadline to provide motivation. Spring usually means the start of 5Ks, bike rides, and more. Check out the opportunities in your area and start training. To find out more about fitness events in your area, including classes, visit

Take a lesson

Outdoor sports can be a fun way to combine activity with family, couples, or friend time. Consider tennis, golf, or swimming lessons.

Andrea Groth Wellbeing Detective

Andrea wants to live in a world where the neighborhoods are walkable, bike lanes are plentiful, and the food is fresh, delicious and readily available.

A 20-year veteran of the health and wellness industry, she started her career in the fitness industry while earning a master’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, and then on to the burgeoning field of worksite wellness. Andrea has competed in collegiate level soccer, worked as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, wellness coach, and master trainer, climbed 14ers, and completed cycling centuries and metric centuries. All of these experiences give her the opportunity to view well-being from many different perspectives.
When she’s not helping others to be their healthiest self, you can find her at a farm to table restaurant, down dogging at the yoga studio, or experiencing the Colorado landscape on a bicycle, snowshoes, cross country skis or on foot.