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The Art, Soul, and History of Blues Dancing & Where to Go in Colorado Springs

February 22nd, 2019

What is blues dancing, exactly? Blues is an intricate fusion of concepts from all styles of dance. Blues music allows for improvisation and interpretation that doesn’t exist in many partner dances. It’s a much slower and freer dance than other social dances that allows for virtually any type of connection with the music. The movements and general expressions within blues dancing can take on moods like contemplative, sad, powerful, playful, and poetic. History of Blues Music Today, many passionate musicians and dancers are keeping the blues scene alive. It began in the communities that adored... Read More

Artist of the Week: Will Patrick

May 5th, 2018

Will Patrick is a jazz guitarist and recording artist living in Colorado Springs. I first hear Will Patrick play guitar at The Perk Downtown. The longer I watch, the more I think to myself, “He reminds me of Bob Dylan.” After the show, I introduce myself. Then I head home. And yet, in a haunting way, I can’t shake the thought of Dylan. The Dylan touch doesn’t come from Patrick’s looks, though the resemblance is obviously there. Nor is it exactly in his cool demeanor. It’s just that here’s this musician from Orlando, FL playing jazz guitar in Colorado; he’s just old enough to drink;... Read More