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Artist of the Week

Aaron Pfenning

“From Colorado Springs to NYC” with Aaron Pfenning

Aaron Pfenning is a musician who splits his time between Colorado Springs and New York City. He co-founded the band Chairlift and currently records music under the name Rewards. TJ Neathery: Looking through your “resume,” I see that you’ve toured and collaborated with We are Scientists, MGMT, Blood Orange, Solange, The Killers, Phoenix… So as […]

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Kate Perdoni

“Summoning Spirettes with Kate Perdoni”

Kate Perdoni is a musician, TV producer, and influencer in the Colorado Springs art community. Her band, Spirettes is made up of herself (guitar/vocals), Kellie Palmblad, Emily Gould, Lisa Show and Desi Garcia. When I first set up this interview, I planned to talk to Kate Perdoni about her band, Spirettes, an all-female rock lineup […]

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Aaron Noble Brown

Folk Music, Friends & DIY Punk

Aaron Noble Brown is a singer-songwriter based in Colorado Springs. “Everybody is somebody,” Aaron Brown says. I pause. By this point we’re halfway through the interview, and I’m pleased to realize I’ve just found my hook. I’ve just been shown the “heart” of the interview, the fundamental nugget of truth that ties the conversation together. […]

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Langdon Foss

Building Worlds with Langdon Foss

Langdon Foss is a graphic novel illustrator who works from his studio in Old Colorado City, CO. Langdon Foss is a guy with ideas. He’s a conversationalist. He makes me an espresso and I settle into the sofa. Our “interview,” which I’ve cut down quite a bit, creeps over the hour mark. It doesn’t drag. […]

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Chris Alvarez

Artist of the Week: Chris Alvarez

Chris Alvarez is a painter and art instructor based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Chris Alvarez meets me at the door to Second Floor Studios in Old Colorado City. He greets me warmly before leading me upstairs to his studio. The studio is full of… everything. There’s a guitar on the wall. Books. Easels and coffee […]

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“Urribarri Style” with Luis Gonzalez

Luis Gonzales is a dancer, break dancer, and martial arts tricker in Colorado Springs. He performs and teaches classes. Note: Martial arts tricking is a relatively new sport that combines acrobatics and martial arts moves into a solo performance routine. How do you define an artist? I like to say that the best artists are […]

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“Re-gendering Fashion” with Elizabeth Johnston

Elizabeth Johnston practices photography and fashion design in the Colorado Springs area. Elizabeth Johnston grew up in a large, Midwestern family with a conservative bent. While she enjoyed her childhood overall, she was restricted when it came to art, clothing, and style. So naturally, she grew to love all things design and fashion. Talking with […]

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Artist of the Week: Will Patrick

Will Patrick is a jazz guitarist and recording artist living in Colorado Springs. I first hear Will Patrick play guitar at The Perk Downtown. The longer I watch, the more I think to myself, “He reminds me of Bob Dylan.” After the show, I introduce myself. Then I head home. And yet, in a haunting […]

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Talking Comedy Craft with Sam Suksiri

Sam Suksiri is the creator of the hilarious “Traffic Therapy” sketch podcast I want a guy like Sam Suksiri to write my jokes. When I meet Suksiri, he’s sitting at a table in a smart, gray blazer, sipping a cold brew coffee. In an artist’s way, his hair’s not exactly combed. He’s sociable, and we […]

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