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Manitou Incline Stands Tall for a Century over the Pikes Peak Region

January 24th, 2019
Manitou Springs

The Manitou Incline is recognized by athletes and locals as the ideal place in Colorado to get a solid cardio training session. It’s one of the area’s most loved workouts. Fitness enthusiasts enjoy the thrill of climbing a vertical mile that’s 2,000 feet tall, the outstanding views, and the accessibility of having such a workout nearby. The trail was initially a railroad track built with 2,744 railroad ties, some of which are now the current steps of the trail. All in all, this workout is an extreme one. It took dedication to get the incline legalized for hiking by a few teams of locals,... Read More

An Ode to Lindy Hop & The Science Behind Swing

November 23rd, 2018
Lindy Hop Dancing in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is often recognized for the natural wonders of the area, but many often don’t realize that there is a lively swing dance scene hiding among the theatre, music, and arts culture. Dancing is nothing new. Depictions of dancers were illustrated on cave walls like in the Magura caves of Bulgaria. Babies even intuitively move along with the music. Though certain groups prohibit it, almost every culture has an inclination to dance. Since I was lucky enough to grow up in the area, I’m thrilled that smaller cities like Colorado Springs are dipping their toes in this cultural gem. I... Read More