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5 Great Outdoor Apps

We as a culture are constantly on the move, and guidebooks or websites aren’t always something we have access to. Apps that help to facilitate our adventures in the great outdoors can be the difference between going and staying home, because they provide helpful information and a more user-friendly interface than old school maps.

The problem is that there are hundreds of outdoor apps on the market: so which ones are really worth it? We’ve compiled some pros and cons of five of the most popular outdoor apps to help you be in the know.

1. AllTrails

With a catalogue of over 50,000 trails in both the US and Canada, this app is one of the best and is this writer’s personal choice for outdoor apps. Track your progress on hikes, find directions to trailheads, see photos and reviews of trails before you go, and contribute to the community by leaving your own. Use the browsing capability to search trails near you, and filter by difficulty, dog- or kid-friendly, and other features. Available for free on iOS and Android.

2. Maps3D Pro

If you have an iPhone, Maps3D Pro may be the app for you. This topographically-focused app allows users to download maps for offline usage and offers hike-tracking and recording features. Available on iOS for $3.99

3. MapMyHike

The sister app of MapMyRun and MapMyWalk, this app offers real-time gps tracking of your hike. If you’re training, this is an excellent choice to record your pace, calories burned, and overall fitness stats. It connects with a wearable fitness device or tracks via your phone in your pocket, and has a focus on weight loss, fitness, and community. Get it for free on iOS or Android.

4. View Ranger

This advanced app has one of the most accurate GPS systems on the market. Track and record hikes, download maps for offline usage, and offers augmented reality to identify peaks, water features, and other skyline objects. Available for free on iOS and Android.

5. Spyglass

This is the James Bond of outdoor apps with a visually impressive design that combines GPS with a compass, starmap, gyrocompass, and a maps toolkit. Get it for free on Android and for $5.99 on iOS.

These apps work best with GPS functions running, so they may drain your battery quicker than you anticipate. Make sure to bring multiple fully charged devices in case of emergencies.

Happy Hiking!


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