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5 Small Money Saving Tips that Work

Ah, money. Don’t we love it; don’t we wish we had more. I find that I like to spend my money on concerts, festivals, and similar events with friends. Sometimes these aren’t cheap though, and in order to do so I always have to be budgeting for the rest of the things I do. Going out with friends tonight? I need to somehow be able to have fun AND spend less. As I’ve been budgeting and saving money for bigger purchases, I realized that a lot of small purchases we make can really add up. By saying no to a lot of little convenient purchases, I’ve actually surprised myself at how much I’ve been able to save for my bigger purchases.  Here are some tips to make minor adjustments to your spending that can save you A LOT in the long run.


  1. Take the Bus


I found I was spending a lot of money on Ubers to and from the bars while going out. While this is often a necessary expense, there are ways around it that can save you a bit of money. Research your town’s public transportation and see if you can take a bus to where you are going. Sometimes it’s not worth it, but sometimes it’s VERY worth it. The bus only costs a few dollars compared to a $20-30 Uber. If you can walk to your location? Even better, walk there! (Walking is free, I might add). Try and catch the bus on the way there, and Uber the way back. Just like that you’ve cut your spending in half.


  1. Never Order Delivery


This is a simple but handy rule to have and enforce. Sometimes the cravings come on strong, and you decide to order what you want, throwing all sense and money out the window for what you’re craving. We’ve all been there, and I totally get it. However, delivery is often very expensive and doesn’t feel worth it when all is said and done. The other day I was craving Taco Bell and almost ordered delivery until I saw that my $3 Taco would cost $15 with delivery fees. Yes, one time won’t kill you, but if you get in the routine of ordering delivery you can for sure watch your bank account drain pretty quickly. Instead, keep it a rule to never order delivery and keep a lot of snacks in your apartment for times like these. Your cravings will pass, and your bank account will surely thank you later.


  1. Grocery Shop Smart


This is a similar tip to the last one. Plan ahead and go grocery shopping somewhere on the cheaper side. I personally suggest Trader Joes, the local grocery store, or Walmart. You can find decent, affordable food there that will help you avoid any last-minute food spending crises. Buy meals you can make fairly easily versus pre-prepared meals as well. There are several dishes you can make for little effort that will save you so much money versus buying prepared food. Prepared food is good every now and then, but if that’s all you’re buying to eat you can count on watching your food bill add up. It’s much cheaper to buy a few separate ingredients and prepare the meal yourself!


  1. Eat Before Going Out


Eat a snack before going out so you’ll be less likely to order food. Or if you are going to dinner, eating a snack can still help because you’re more likely to order a small meal vs a large meal. Ordering a small meal/ appetizer can greatly help you save money if every entree is massively expensive. Everything adds up, and it’s good to save those dollars whenever you can.


  1. If You Treat Yourself, Keep It Small


If you want to get a snack or treat in the day, try and keep it small and infrequent. Order a taco at Taco Bell or some nuggets from the value menu at Wendy’s. Order you something you like, but try and keep it on the fast-food/cheaper side of the spectrum vs jumping off and buying something more expensive that will be a massive money drain. This way you can still feel like you can say yes to treating yourself without breaking the bank.

Rea McLaughlin is an enthusiastic soul that loves life from Colorado. She loves the Colorado sunshine and enjoys partaking in it often by going climbing, hiking or camping. She attained her BFA in Film Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder where she fell in love with storytelling. After living in NYC for a year to pursue film, Rea is happily back in Colorado enjoying the mountains and sunshine. One of her favorite themes to explore in her art and writing is the human spirit and human connection. When she’s not climbing or creating, Rea loves traveling to music festivals and going to Red Rocks shows. She might ask you for your birth time to check out your astrology chart too! (She is a Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aquarius Rising). She loves to enjoy life and squeeze the very best of out of it.