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Wellness for Wanderers: An Introduction

Wellness methods have, over the past few years, evolved into a booming industry. Several renowned websites and online magazines—such as, Mantra Wellness Magazine, or, to name a few—take pride in offering news and advice on the latest trends. Thanks to technology and the internet, it seems the do-it-yourself approach to wellness is here to stay. You can find information on practically anything, all within reach of your fingertips and computer screen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for personal self-care (yep, I’m a millennial), but how do I know what I read up on in wellness is legitimate? I can’t help but cast a skeptical eye towards wellness websites, especially blogs, that speak highly of the current juice cleanse, but lack in backing up their claims with evidence.

To be clear, I’m not a doctor; I have no medical training whatsoever. Yet I do believe that a bit of investigation goes a long way. Being a yoga instructor and practitioner, maintaining good health is of great importance and interest to me. My aim for this column is to share with you insightful pieces pertaining to both health and wellness—with proper citation! Apart from reflecting on a few personal experiences (and an interview or two), most of what I write connects back to original research and thoroughly conducted health studies. If you want to further explore the sources from where I draw my information, I’ll send a link! And, above all, I hold ZERO claims to achieving immortality.

Health is multifaceted. There isn’t a single approach for strengthening one’s longevity. No quick fixes either! Personally, I’m fond of and hold respect for several magazines in this particular niche—Yoga Journal being an all-time favorite—that touch upon this ever-so-important topic. They’re inspiring, especially in this day and age. All I’m saying is that we as health and wellness consumers should be able to distinguish information from misinformation.

Here we will dive into daily wellness practices and tips for managing busy lives. From yoga and meditation sequences to morning how-to routines, this realm is for anyone looking to incorporate some fresh pick-me-ups in managing stress and boosting health. We’ll take a look at holistic approaches such as massage, sound healing, acupuncture, nature therapy, etc. balanced alongside medical and scientific research (without the dryness…hopefully) in attempts at investigating the best health techniques from multiple perspectives, all the while questioning cure-all claims. With a pinch of playful humor (clean, I promise), these articles are meant to spark curiosity and engage readers to try something new. Whether it’s a guide for an upcoming yoga retreat, an easy-to-implement breathwork practice, or conversations with local wellness coaches, there’s a little something for everybody. All at the local level.

Wander onward!

Amanda Cruz Wellness for Wanderers

Amanda Cruz is a freelance writer, editor and certified yoga teacher. Holding a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder, her passion for the written word runs deep. Starting out as a prelaw student, her direction eventually unfolded into the realms of health and wellness, through the art of storytelling. An avid lover of adventure, Amanda makes nature her playground, and movement her medicine. Now, as a fulltime freelancer, you’ll find her behind a keyboard crafting content in topics ranging from meditation to circadian rhythm–inquiring and pondering along the way. As an editor, she enjoys adapting to multiple projects and mediums. Need literary guidance on a novel, or thesis development for an academic article? Challenge accepted!

When not glued to her desk or locked to a book, Amanda will be cutting through slopes on her snowboard or traversing up mountains. To view her latest written pieces, visit her at, where she is a contributing writer and editor for an up-and-coming holistic health organization.

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