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7 Apps to Track the New Year

2019 apps the help you keep motivatedBeginning a new year marks the start of future plans and in many ways is a representation of rebirth. Money, scheduling, and motivation are common factors among the most popular “NYR.” Unfortunately, it so happens that almost 90% of Americans are not successful in maintaining these goals. Sounds to me that we can use all the help we can get.


You may need to invest in equipment or supplies to satisfy a resolution.

Mint – Is a money management tool that tracks finances and helps you budget by connecting to your online financial institutions. Compatible with Android and IOS. Ranked 5 out 5.

Time management is about the only way we can fit new things into the agenda.,Todoist, and Workflowy – Lists, task management tools, and reminders that reinforce a more precise schedule. Android and IOS

Dontbreakthechain – Is a 32-day commitment app that generates a visual aspect to tracking any academic, profesional, or personal goal. Android and IOS.

Inspiration and motivation are high on the list of the tools needed to maintain a strong mindset.

Mindbloom – Allows you to personalize your “life tree,” each leaf on the tree represents an important area of life that makes up the bigger picture. This app encourages you to improve upon your leaves by setting specific actions that in retrospect help your tree grow. Android and IOS.

MakeMeBetter – Learn, implement, and improve: Time management, Success tips, Productivity tips, Routines, Personal development, Motivational articles. Android.

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