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Questions my guy friends ask me: Holiday Gift Guide For Guys

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The magi, as you know, were wise men — wonderfully wise men who brought gifts to the Babe in the manger. They invented the art of giving Christmas presents.” – O. Henry, short story writer

Below are a few scenarios:


“Do you think I’m being cheap?” Or… “Is this too much?”

Actually, there IS such a thing as over gifting, and vice versa. However, gifting is not measured by price tag alone. Focus on your person, that is what’s important here.


“You got her a what!?”

My guys, this is pretty self-explanatory DON’T … I repeat DO NOT get your significant other something that YOU actually wanted. Be genuine. Think back, what has she been obsessing over? Got it? Okay now go!!

Try to avoid gifting household items unless, there is TECH involved.

Here’s what I mean, IF you dare give these kinds of gifts at least be creative bro. In other words; Vacuum = No! Roomba = Better! (Although, there are some exceptions) Example: Gifting household items that are aligned with her hobbies, income, and personal interests.

Remember give gifts out of love


This can get a little tricky so let’s be specific: gifting a prepaid card to her regular salon/nail spot is a nice gesture, but I wouldn’t rush right over. It’s too easy! And… depending on your dynamic it could also send the wrong message. Luckily, spas are always a yes! Might I suggest a massage?


Cliché Jewelry Alert!!!

Okay, so this one isn’t all bad. Jewelry can be awesome especially if she’s already had her eye on a little something, but small tip: customize it, or inscribe it. I wasn’t saying build it from scratch or anything (even though that IS very romantic)!


Handmade creations, love letters, a song, a poem, a YouTube mix. People really underestimate the power of art.

Comfort factor

This might be stealing one out of the “Things my Grandparents bought me.” Just remember these 3 and you’re GOLDEN — Warm, Fuzzy, Comfortable. I once knew a girl who got a heated blanket for Christmas. Let’s just say it was pretty epic!

Fuzz balls

Possibly the most impactful gift considering, it’s ALIVE. *NOTE: Please do not gift animals unless, it is a mutual decision.

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