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It’s Official, Winter is Coming!

Telluride Ski Resort

Photo By: Brad Foley | Telluride Ski Resort

Today marked the first snow of the season in Denver and Boulder, and as winter approaches, so does the need to get your ski trip(s) planned and lift and plane tickets booked! After coming off a rough 2017-2018 winter, you may be wondering where to shoot for this season. While it’s hard to go wrong with any of Colorado’s ski terrain, a whole trip can be “boom or bust” based on snow conditions. Luckily, NOAA and ENSO are here to help you make the most educated decision as possible.

All indications so far are good news for powder chasers looking to explore Colorado’s terrain this season! While the PNW and Northern Rockies are expecting below average precipitation to end 2018. Colorado is projecting to beat our averages going into 2019. NOAA is predicting a “70%+ chance of El Niño pattern for the Northern Hemisphere,” meaning a high likelihood of cold, deep snow pounding the high country!

This still begs the question, “where do I choose to ski this winter?” While that depends on timing, budget, passes, and skillset, one resort seems to be poised to be the place to visit in 2018-2019. This happens to be AboutBoulder and OnDenver’s partner and closest ally in the ski industry, Telluride Ski Resort. Not only do they have legendary terrain deserving of their nickname, “The Swiss Alps of the Rockies,” they are positioned perfectly to capitalize on the El Niño we’ve all been dreaming of and Colorado so desperately needs! Additionally, for all the EPIC pass holders out there, Telluride just so happens to be on your pass this winter!


Check out Telluride Ski Resort and book your trip here:






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